End Hunger

Foodle aims to combine services and the latest technology to end hunger in the world. Foodle is an initiative of  Community AI, a 501 (C) (3)  non-profit organization. 


Chief Programing Officer of Dare to Care

Congressman John Yarmuth, Kentucky District 3

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Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger National Scholar

Yale Bassett Award - 2023

Prestigious Diana Award

Emerging Visionaries - 2023

The ASU Wells Fargo Community Innovation Award

Carson Scholar

National Winner - Top Our Planet Pillar Award

App Challenge Winner

House of Representative Citation

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Founder: Shraman Kar (shraman.kar@thecommunityai.org) , Shraman is founder of Community AI, 501(C) (3) Organization dedicated to serve community using the power of Artificial Intelligence and youth driven service.